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My name is Dale E. Turner and I've been blessed to have a wonderful career as a Film, TV and Stage actor.  ( Those experiences have helped me expand my artistic vision as a writer and producer.


I've written a short film that will show one example of the genesis of racism. MY NAME IS LAMAR is based on a true story of an incident from my past.  The film will illustrate how intolerance isn't determined by geography or age. It is taught on an individual basis. I am the proud father of two daughters and my hope for them was to live in a world where racial bias didn't exist. Unfortunately, the world is still fighting that battle.


In our current racially charged society, MY NAME IS LAMAR will be one perspective on how this man, Lamar Phillips, chose to diffuse an intolerant situation. MY NAME IS LAMAR will be submitted to film festivals, but it has never been my intention to win a bunch of awards.  My goal with this film is to be a small part of the narrative that starts the dialogue of acceptance. 

MY NAME IS LAMAR is being directed and co-produced by award winning director / producer Linda Palmer.   She wrote, directed and produced the multi-prize winning short film, OUR FATHER, as well as directed / produced the multi-nominated feature LAST CALL AT MURRAY'S, both starring Michael Gross. (Family Ties, Tremors).  

I truly believe that this dynamic film can help start an honest dialogue about race relations. And while this short film is in no way a cure-all for racism, it can add to the narrative of individual responsibility.  One generation can empower themselves to stop the genesis of intolerance.

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